Do you love orchids but don't have the space or time to nurture a non-flowering plant back to blooming?

Our Blooming Orchid Exchange program lets you keep a blooming orchid at all times. Simply bring back your Orchid in good condition to our greenhouse, and receive

40% credit* toward your next purchase!

  1. Purchase an Orchid at our Orchid Boutique.
  2. Keep your receipt. You will need it to participate.
  3. Bring back your bloomed-out orchid, along with the receipt, within six months of the purchase date.
  4. * We will give you a credit of 40% of the returned plant's original purchase price, to be used toward the purchase of your next blooming orchid or other plants and merchandise.
  • Returned plant must be in good condition.
  • We only accept orchids that were originally purchased from Appalachian Tropicals.
  • Return your orchid within six months of the original purchase date.
  • Credit may be used for plants and merchandise other than orchids.