Brighten up your home or office with our inspiring epiphytic designs.

Hand-wrapped and prepared with love, our epiphytic designs are sure to brighten up your space with the natural beauty and dazzling colors of tillandsias and orchids.

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Epiphytes grow on other plants

Epiphtyes grow on other, sturdier plants like trees. They're not parasites; they don't drain their hosts of water, energy, or nutrients, but they do take advantage of the easier access to sunlight. They only use their hosts for physical support, though in some cases their hosts will use the water and nutrients stored in epiphytes. Epiphytes give back.

Epiphytes are amazingly diverse with many shapes, sizes, and colors. We specialize in Orchids and Tillandsias.

Epiphytes in natural habitat

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Demelza and Damon Kittles
Damon & Demelza Kittles, Owners

A Family Business

We're a family business with a lifelong passion for epiphytes. Founded and run by husband and wife Demelza and Damon Kittles, we started out with a small vendor display at The Screen Door in Asheville, NC, a huge garden accessories store with over 100 vendors.

Epiphytes are my life! I'm delighted and honored to share their unmatched beauty with you and your family!

Demelza Kittles, Asheville, NC